This month I’m vibing on fashion design, improving my sleep, and being more vulnerable. How about you?

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🎞️The Hype
🎧The Science Of The Body Clock

🎞️ Watching

The Hype (TV show)

If you love fashion and projects like I do, then The Hype might be your jam too. It’s another reality TV show for aspiring fashion designers a-la Next in Fashion and Project Runway. (Annoyingly had to create a Hayu account to watch in Australia, but IMHO it’s worth the $7 for the month.)
— Jess

🎧 Listening

The Science Of The Body Clock: How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep And Health (podcast episode)

I’ve been lapping up Ali Abdaal’s productivity how-to videos, and recently clocked that he has a podcast too. In this episode, Ali talks to Professor Russell Foster about “how our body clocks work, and what we can do to make sure that we are keeping our internal clocks on track through light, temperature and stress reduction”.
— Jess

➿ Practicing

Being more vulnerable

I’m generally a positive and optimistic thinking person, but this year I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more vulnerable by more deliberately and openly share my weaknesses.

Things like:

  • Explaining that I can’t attend something because my social stamina is too low
  • Sharing details of my gut health issues (when appropriate!)
  • Talking about my anxiety, and things that make me feel anxious

I hope that in being more vulnerable (both at work and outside of work), it might help whoever I’m talking to feel like their weaknesses are okay to talk about too. I’m still reading Dare to Lead which champions this cause too, in terms of leaders bringing vulnerability to their work.
— Jess

Photo of a woman taking a walk in nature with her eyes closed and half a smile
This is me in my happy place, on a walk in nature. Photo credit: Aaron Puls (AKA my other half, also responsible for our branding!)