On navigating overwhelm: mental health, motherhood and the state of the world.

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🎧Household Division of Labor
📖Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
Navigating overwhelm

Listening to 🎧

Household Division of Labor (podcast episode)

I read Emily’s book, Expecting Better, when I was pregnant and loved the way she focused on providing research-backed data to help inform decision making during pregnancy. Her podcast, ParentData, takes the same approach to help parents navigate their way through.

This episode covers:

  • What is invisible work?
  • How do you transfer household tasks to a partner?
  • What’s one way to start to address the invisible labor in your family?

Emily’s website generously offers a full transcript if you’re more of a reader than a listener.

Reading 📖

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? (book)

My mental health has been in the toilet lately; a combination of classic new parenting challenges, and the state of the world. This book is a practical guide to tools and strategies that can help when times are tough.

tl;dr: practice gratitude, thoughts are just suggestions from your brain (not pure truth), and mental health has a lot to do with what we DO not what we THINK.

Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, online sensation Dr Julie Smith provides the skills you need to navigate common life challenges and take charge of your emotional and mental health in her debut book.

Book cover for 'Why has nobody told me this before', emphasis on "this"

Practicing ➿

Navigating overwhelm

I’ve reached new levels of overwhelm this year, between the challenges of new motherhood*, and the state of the world. This snippet encapsulates my feelings pretty accurately.

I’m trying to do what I can, and know when I need to set a boundary and recharge, before I can do more again ✊

*I had originally thought I would try to keep my parent-lens off this site, but it’s just so entwined with my identity now there’s no stopping it 🤱

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