Who we are

Producing Paradise is run by three ladies of digital producer ilk: Jess Allison, Aimee Cowie and Lilith Palmer. We’re digital ninjas, creative problem solvers, and organised as hell. Read our mission statement here.

We all worked in the same role at the same company at different times, but have since moved on to new work-homes. We’ve continued to share thoughts and tips with each other over the years… and now with you!

🐿 Jess Allison

Jess Allison, digital producer turned delivery director.
Jess Allison, digital producer turned delivery director.

📍Location: Melbourne, Australia

⭐️ Personality type: CONSUL (ESFJ-A)

☕️ Coffee order: Filter coffee or a flat white, mood-dependent.

🐿 Spirit animal: Squirrel

🎶 Guilty pleasure: Listening to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. On repeat.

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🐦 @heyjalli on Twitter

ℹ️ Jess Allison on LinkedIn

Jess’ backstory: After finishing uni in 2005, I started working in real estate ad bookings. I quickly moved to a media production house where I discovered my love of all things digital and a panache for project management. There was a brief foray in account management for a graphic design studio, but I otherwise spent 10 years managing digital projects for various small studios, including five years running a collective of designers and developers. I recently became a Delivery Manager for a service design company, where my Digital Producer roots are evolving in new ways.

🌹Aimee Cowie

Aimee Cowie, digital producer.
Aimee Cowie, digital producer.

📍 Location: Canberra, Australia

⭐️ Personality type: ADVOCATE (INFJ-T)

☕️ Coffee order: I only drink coffee on occasion. So I’ll pick a black tea –Dilmah– with a dash of milk.

🐬 Spirit animal: Dolphin

🇬🇧 Guilty pleasure: The British Royal family

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ℹ️ Aimee Cowie on LinkedIn

Aimee’s backstory: I’ve been involved in the digital world in some capacity since finishing high school in 2006. My first taste was working for a digital printing company before I studied Digital Media. After graduating (from my very broad course) I started working for an independent video production company, before moving to software development doing front-end web development and later client services. After moving cities –and realising I’d found my niche– I’ve been working as a digital producer ever since.

💅🏼 Lilith Palmer

Lilith Palmer, digital producer turned communications consultant.
Lilith Palmer, digital producer turned communications consultant.

📍 Location: Melbourne, Australia

⭐️ Personality type: CONSUL (ESFJ-A)

☕️ Coffee order: Batch brew, a latte if I’m feeling milky (I don’t fuck with skim)

🐻 Spirit animal: Sloth

🍽 Guilty pleasure: The Kardashians. Halal snack packs.

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Lil’s backstory: I’ve been working in digital in different capacities since 2013. I started out in communications, moved to marketing, and finally fell into a producer role in 2015. I’ve worked for small family businesses, in government roles, and currently a boutique studio.