How is it almost Christmas? Did November even happen? Just a tidy two tidbits for you today: Indigenous language and perception, and learning a language with Duolingo.

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🎧Indigenous language and perception

🎧 Listening to

Indigenous language and perception (podcast episode)

Our perception of the world is significantly affected by the language we speak. It frames our worldview by training our brains in line with cultural understanding. Indigenous languages from around Australia pose a vastly different perspective of the world than that of English. We explore how these languages influence perceptions of self, kinship and the natural world.

I recommend this episode of All in the Mind (30mins) to every Australian, as it explains the difference in perspective that can come from the language we use, with examples from Indigenous languages in Australia. For example, when giving directions in Western culture it’s common to use “left” or “right”, based a location as it relates to our own position. In Indigenous language, directions are provided using “north”, “south”, “east” and “west” instead, based on the location as it relates to the landscape.
— Jess

📱 Using

Duolingo (app)

I used to use Duolingo to brush up my French, as an alternative to mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Instagram. I somehow fell off the horse and stopped using it for a few years but I’m back, baby! This time starting my quest in Italian, although I may switch back to French. Buongiorno!
— Jess