Game of Thrones ended, the weather got cold, Lil had a birthday, and Aimee went on holidays! Here’s what else stole our attention in May.

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Psst… with Aimee away, and Lil still settling into her new job, Jess is flying solo on this round!

🎞️Knock Down the House
🎧Science Vs
📖For The Interested
Self care
🎒Respectful Indigenous Design

🎞️ Watching

Knock Down the House (film)

You may have heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) – she’s the US democrat pushing for environmental sustainability, healthcare, equality, and the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Basically, she’s rad. Knock Down the House is a Netflix original documentary which tells the story of AOC’s political campaign in the lead up to her congressional election in 2018.
— Jess

🎧 Listening to

Science Vs (podcast)

Science Vs (“Science versus”) takes on popular trends and topics to see if the science behind them stacks up, such as the fertility cliff (how old is too old to have children?), vitamins and supplements (are they worth it?), and the placebo effect (can the mind really heal the body?).
— Jess

📖 Reading

For The Interested (newsletter)

For The Interested is a weekly newsletter from a guy who’s “obsessed with curiosity, creativity, learning, and curating valuable ideas to share with others”. I don’t usually have time to read all five of the linked articles, so I pick out 1-2 that speak to me the most. They’re invariably a great read!
— Jess

📱 Using

Tinybeans (app)

As a proud aunty, I love keeping up with my baby niece through the Tinybeans app – it’s a great for new parents to share photos with loved ones, as an alternative to filling your Facebook feed (and all the privacy concerns that go with it).
— Jess

➿ Practicing

Self care

Life is full of ebbs and flows; sometimes we have time for our side-projects, and other times we have… less! We’re allowing Producing Paradise to flex and shift around our other work and life commitments, recognising that the need for some downtime can often be more important than the need to meet a goal or deadline 💗
— Jess

🎒 Learning

Respectful Indigenous Design

I recently attended the Melbourne Knowledge Week event, ‘Indigenous design thinking conversations’ (which has since been released as a live recording you can watch). The evening explored how Indigenous knowledge is shaping design practice from a range of perspectives, and how the International Indigenous Design Charter can be used to help facilitate the accurate and respectful representation of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

— Jess