A cheesy drama and some good news.

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🎞️This Is Us
📖The Year in Cheer

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This Is Us (TV show)

It might be new parent hormones at play but this TV show has me hooked. It tells the story of a family over time, with sweet characters and positive messages. It’s a total sap-fest, which is exactly what I need right now.

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The Year in Cheer

There’s a lot to be sad about in the world right now, but good things are still happening too. Reasons to be Cheerful is a site that scouts the good news of the world, as a form of self-care. The yearly recap for 2023 is a collection of 177 ways the world got better last year, like:

  • The Inflation Reduction Act set aside $1.5 billion for urban tree planting
  • Germany saw almost 100,000 fewer daily car trips in June 2023 than it did in June 2019
  • Over the course of 10 years, two Indian activists — with help from their network of over 2,000 informants — have prevented 4,500 child marriages

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