How to create a Google Slides theme

Creating a Google Slides theme lets you easily reuse the same font, layout and colour styling on every new slide deck. Here’s how you do it!

A duotoned dark purple and beige version of the Apple 'artist palette' emoji, in front of a light blue triangle across the top right corner

In this video (5min), I show you how to setup a theme in Google Slides, including font and background colours, and how to apply the theme to any new slide deck:

Here’s what’s covered:
0:30 Create new Google Slide doc
0:56 Edit Google Slide theme
1:16 Apply a background colour
1:34 Change text colour
2:07 ‘Highlight section’ background colour
2:40 Select a layout
3:02 Rename the new theme (eg ‘Producing Paradise branding’)
3:23 Import theme into another document
3:50 Producing Paradise style guide
4:13 Producing Paradise Instagram styling

Google Slides Theme Creation Steps

To create a new theme:

  1. Open a new slide deck
  2. Go to the ‘Slide’ menu then ‘Edit theme’
  3. Update the styling on each of the layouts
  4. Rename the theme to something descriptive
Screenshot of a theme editing screen in Google Slides
Google Slides theme editing screen

Then when creating any other slide deck in future:

  1. Go to the ‘Slide’ menu then select ‘Change theme’
  2. Click ‘Import theme’
  3. Apply the theme you created
  4. Use the layout selector to pick a layout for each slide
Screenshot of the layout selection dropdown in Google Slides
Google Slides layout selector dropdown

Massive thanks to Aaron Puls for creating the Producing Paradise brand 🎨✨ Read more about the process we followed for that in our post: Producing our branding