This month we’re learning about the future of houseplants, beating the cost of living crunch, and reminding y’all to use a password manager (like 1Password).

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🎞️The Future Of
🎧Beating the cost of living crunch

🎞️ Watching

The Future Of (TV show)

The latest docuseries on Netflix to catch my eye was The Future Of — start with the episode on Houseplants (20min) to have your mind expanded, man. Like, there’s a possible future where our plants could store our data in their DNA!? I’ll never look at a (seemingly unassuming) plant the same way again.
— Jess

While you’re there, check out:

…it seems we’re quite the Netflix junkies!

🎧 Listening

Beating the cost of living crunch (podcast episode)

With so many prices on the rise —energy, petrol, houses, lettuce, etc— I’ve been going through my budget with a fine tooth comb looking for that ‘one quick fix’, but as usual it’s the combination of many small fixes that add up to make a difference. This episode of It All Adds Up has some great suggestions, a worthy 29 minutes of your day, I reckon!
— Jess

📱 Using

1Password (app)

If you’ve never used a password manager, now is definitely the time to start! These apps securely store all of your passwords, so you can have a unique password for every login you need, but only have to remember ‘one password’ (which is the one to access your password manager). If you have NFI where to start, I got you: How to secure your online accounts using a password manager, or just watch the video (8min) below 😚
— Jess