How to manage your Christmas gift budget and ideas using Google Sheets

Here’s how to track gift ideas and manage your Christmas gift budget with help from a spreadsheet. Ho ho ho!

A duotoned dark purple and beige version of the Apple gift emoji, in front of a blue triangle across the top right corner

Every year, I…

  1. Reboot my Christmas list file
  2. Create a new tab for this year, and
  3. Start filling in gift ideas and a list of people I’m going to buy for.

This year I thought I’d setup a template version, in case it’s helpful for anyone else out there! 😘

Manage your Christmas gift budget

Here’s the video (9min), where I run through the list setup and how to use it:

The ‘Present list spreadsheet’ is available as a template in Google Drive now, so feel free to make a copy via this link — and check out our other free templates too!

Screenshot of a Christmas gift list spreadsheet, showing people's names, item names and cost of each item
Example Christmas gift list

How do you keep track of your Christmas present list, and budget?