I’ll show you how to start a Notion database from scratch to manage content for a book: how to do it, what fields to use, and a couple of basic filtered ‘views’. If you’re writing a book, I hope this helps you too!

A duotoned dark purple and beige version of the Apple open book emoji, in front of a green circle background

In this video (9min), I walk you through how to setup Notion for book content management – with the assumption that you already have some idea of what you’re writing about, and chapter titles in mind.

Here’s what’s covered:
0:14 Create new Notion page as a database in ‘table’ view
0:44 Populate the table with anticipated chapter headings
1:32 Differentiate chapter types (major, section and subsection)
2:28 Assign content numbering for sort order
3:25 Create ‘major chapters only’ view
4:27 Select best layout
4:42 Add content status field
4:57 Customise status options
6:38 Setup status board view
7:46 Setup ‘ready for review’ table
8:36 Add ‘Review notes / comments’ field

And checkout SizeUp for doing that quick 50-50 split view.

And here are some of the ‘views’ I recommend:

Screenshot of a Notion database showing table view with order, name, heading type and status of each item
All chapters
Screenshot of a Notion database showing table view of 'major chapters' with just the 'Name' field visible
Major chapters
Screenshot of a Notion database showing board view with 'Not started', 'In progress - nearly done!' and 'Done - ready for review' lists
Chapters by status
Screenshot of a Notion database showing a table view called 'Ready for review' showing 'Name' and 'Review notes / comments' fields
Ready for review

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