The free Chrome browser extension that helps you take a more awesome screenshot.

A duotoned dark purple and beige version of the Apple scissors emoji, in front of a green neon starburst shape

You probably know how to take a screenshot on your Mac (Command+Shift+3) or PC (Windows+Shift+S), but the free Awesome Screenshot app has a few cool tricks:

  • Capture the whole page, instead of having to ‘stitch together’ multiple screenshots
  • Capture after a delay, so you can capture an ‘in action’ screenshot
  • Annotate the screenshot before saving, including text, shapes, highlights and blur
The Awesome Screenshot app options screen
The Awesome Screenshot app options
Screenshot showing some items blurred and one item annotated with a pink box and writing that says look at this
An example screenshot with annotations

Dare I say it, it’s kindof awesome.

Here’s a quick (4min) video run-through of how to use it: