I’ll show you how to setup a personal dashboard in Notion from scratch, including filtered views and timelines. If you’re new to Notion, I hope this helps you get setup too!

A duotoned dark purple and beige version of the Apple 'control knobs' emoji, in front of a light blue stripe background

Create your first Notion dashboard

In this video (9min), I show you how to setup your Notion dashboard for the first time, including filtered views of your task boards so you’re only seeing your own stuff.

Here’s what’s covered:
00:38 Add a new page
01:09 Add a cover image
01:30 Add a ‘linked view’ of a database (or create a new one)
02:10 Setup ‘gallery’ view
02:30 Filter tasks by assigned to me, due on or before today
03:20 Add a linked view of another database
03:50 Filter by task owner and status
04:30 Setup three columns
06:00 Add a quick to-do list
06:44 Add a divider
07:00 Add a timeline view — this one requires tasks to have a date field

🐁 This video doesn’t go through the database setup process, but you can get an idea of how to do this over here: How to setup Notion for book content management.

Screenshot of a Notion page called 'Jess' dashboard' featuring a photo of palm trees and mountains in Palm Springs at the top, three different task lists, and a 'YouTube posting timeline' at the bottom
Here’s what the initial Notion dashboard setup looks like!

Refine your Notion dashboard

In this second video (7min), I’ve got some tips for refining your dashboard, including how to setup quick-views to flick between your list of tasks and a timeline.

Here’s what’s covered:
00:54 Add a new quick-select timeline view
01:25 Filter by task status
01:44 Quickly switch between gallery and timeline views
02:10 Task triage and adjusting dates
04:00 Add a task to a timeline
04:45 Add another quick-select timeline view
05:25 Hide database title
05:30 Hide text table from the timeline

Screenshot of a Notion page showing two view options to select from a dropdown menu: PP tasks, and PP task timeline
Quickly switch between views
Screenshot of a Notion page called 'Jess' dashboard' showing a 'Quick tasks' list beside a timeline with different tasks listed on each day
Timeline view within the Dashboard

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